Minerals D

Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian Jasper is a strengthening, constructive stone that brings emotional balance and protects. It is a good stone for the base and sacral chakras. A boost for depression and exhaustion. With excessive thinking, Dalmatian Jasper helps you get from your head into your body.

Chakra: 1st and 2nd

Location: Mexico, India and Germany

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Dendrite opal/agate (Merlinite)

Merlinite brings magic and happiness into your life. He makes you look at yourself, including the dark sides. He encourages you to accept and love yourself. Merlinite makes you realize that there are no mistakes, but only learning experiences. He helps to process negative experiences and converts them into positive lessons. Merlinite heals the heart, it is a stone of balance and ensures harmony and balance between Yin and Yang, intellect and intuition. It is the stone to bring together the divine feminine and masculine.

Chakra: 3-4-6-7

Location: Madagascar.

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Disthene (Cyanite-Kyanite)

Disthene is a stone that improves self-expression and communication and helps to break through fears and blockages. He removes obstacles, frustration and stress. It is a good stone for the throat chakra. It is a stone that does not retain negative energy and therefore does not need to be discharged.

Chakra: All but especially 5th and 6th

Location: Brazil

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Dr. Liesegang Stone

Dr Liesegang stone is a type of Rhyolite. Sometimes also called Bruneau Jasper. It gives you peace on an emotional level and is therefore a good stone for meditation. He helps you to remain more balanced in a crisis situation. It strengthens the body's natural resistance.


Double spar, also called Iceland spar or optical calcite. It expands the imagination and heals the eyes. It can help to see the double meaning behind words. It reduces the tension that can cause migraines.

Chakra: All but especially the 6th

Location: Mexico, Brazil and Switzerland


Dumortirite promotes inner peace and tranquility. It can help reduce stress, anxiety and negative thoughts. He ensures clear communication and self-expression. This stone increases self-confidence and helps you believe in yourself more and understand yourself better. Dumortirite helps in making informed decisions and clarifying confusing thoughts. It provides more emotional balance and promotes inner harmony. A good stone as an aid in meditation.

Chakra: 5th, 6th

Location: Madagascar, Brazil, USA, Namibia, France

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