Minerals - O


Gold Obsidian

Gold Obsidian gives you a lot of positivity and perseverance. This stone shows us what it takes to solve a problem in a positive way. He makes it possible to remove pessimism. He stimulates personal development and helps clear up baggage from the past. It reduces fear and blockages.

Chakra: 1st, 3rd

Location: Mexico, USA, China

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Mahogany obsidian

Mahogany obsidian is a good stone for nervousness and for people who feel misunderstood. It provides good grounding, protects and gives strength in times of need. He strengthens your aura. Mahogany obsidian protects you against negative energy from people around you who consciously or unconsciously try to bring you down. Mahogany Obsidian can help you let go of feelings of unworthiness. This stone strengthens creativity.

Chakra: 1-2

Location: United States, Scotland

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Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow Obsidian gently shows us our dark side. He helps us take the next step in our lives and thus gain new opportunities. It is a protective stone, absorbs negative energy and removes stress from the body.

Chakra: All

Location: Mexico, USA

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Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian is a soft obsidian type. He helps you gain more insight into yourself. This obsidian creates balance between body, soul and spirit. It provides inner peace and tranquility. It helps to process traumas and provides more insight. It calms you down when you feel restless and reduces your fears.

Chakra: 1st, 2nd

Location: USA, Scotland

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Silver Obsidian

Silver Obsidian is known for its spiritual and emotional
properties, including reflection and self-insight, so he works as one
mirror for the soul. He helps you let go of negativity, it
clearing out emotional baggage and removing negative energies
your life. It is like a powerful energetic shield that blocks negative influences
repels and protects you from psychological attacks. It promotes calmness and
inner peace, which can reduce stress and anxiety. He
supports personal growth and the ability to change old patterns
break through and embrace positive changes.

Chakra: 1st

Location: Mexico

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Black obsidian

Black obsidian is a very powerful and sometimes confrontational stone that gives you insight and can work like a mirror. He helps you discover who you are, but these can also be the less pleasant aspects. He stimulates your personal development. It has a purifying effect and helps you release old pain, traumas and blockages. It reduces fear, protects the aura and absorbs negative energy.

Chakra: 1

Location: Mexico, United States…

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Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is a grounding and calming stone that brings you back to the here and now. He lets you enjoy the beautiful things in life. This stone teaches us to see with our heart, which makes us judge less. He makes us calm and patient. He helps us accept responsibility and resolve conflicts.

Chakra: 3rd, 4th, 5th

Location: Madagascar

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Onyx keeps us firmly planted on the ground and helps us to persevere in difficult times. He gives perseverance and self-confidence. It relieves worries and fears and creates balance between Jin and Yang. It helps you stop worrying and converts your negative thoughts into a positive attitude to life. He helps you with your spiritual growth and to resolve energetic blockages.

Chakra: All

Location: Italy, Mexico, USA, Russia, Brazil

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Green Opal

Green Opal is a protective stone that teaches you to love what nature has to offer you. It has a strong purifying effect. It helps you calm down and allow complete relaxation. Green Opal increases your awareness and is like a breath of fresh air when you are tired. Green Opal is a stone that makes you more creative and helps you to be more spontaneous so that you can enjoy life to the fullest. Green Opal is also a stone associated with love, it increases your self-esteem, it purifies your heart and prepares you for new experiences.

Chakra: 4

Location: Madagascar

Pink Andean Opal

Pink Andes Opal gently opens your heart and helps you to love and accept yourself as you are. It helps you keep your heart open and loving no matter what. It protects and activates and has a cheerful and optimistic energy. He is cheerful, optimistic, full of life, spontaneous, creative and has a strong bond with love.

The stone makes you hospitable, selfless and warm-hearted. Pink Andean Opal is a stone for closed people, it removes inhibitions and shyness. It has a relaxing and clarifying effect.

Chakra: 4

Location: Peru

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Black Opal

Black Opal is a protective and activating stone. It makes you cheerful, optimistic, full of life, spontaneous, original, creative and stimulates an interest in art and appreciation for beautiful things. The stone also has a strong connection with love, passion and sexuality and makes you faithful and loyal. Physically, opal stimulates the body's self-healing capacity and has a purifying effect. It has a positive effect on memory.

Chakra: 1-2-3

Location: Madagascar

Orange aventurine

Orange aventurine promotes a cheerful and relaxed mood. He makes you feel good and helps you attract happiness and prosperity, realize dreams. It strengthens your creativity.

Chakra: 2nd

Location: Brazil

Orange calcite

Orange calcite is a cleansing and energizing stone for the lower chakras. It balances emotions, dispels anxiety and overcomes depression. It gives self-confidence and confidence in our own abilities. It makes us optimistic without losing sight of reality.

Chakra: 2nd and 3rd

Location: Mexico, Brazil, Peru, USA....

Orange Selenite (Peach Selenite)

Selenite is a gypsum crystal that provides deep peace and is very good for meditation. It provides a clear mind and provides access to angelic consciousness and higher guidance. A tumbled stone in your pillowcase helps you sleep better. A larger piece placed in the house provides a quiet and serene atmosphere or placed in the corners of the home it protects your home against negative outside influences and you also get a safe, quiet space. Peach Selenite is a stone of emotional transformation that helps you release old traumas. It gives you insight into your inner processes and helps you accept your hidden self. He helps you to become more grounded. Do not put Selenite in water, it will become dull.

Chakra: All but especially 3rd

Location: Morocco


An Operculum is an anatomical structure found in certain organisms. It is usually a lid or valve-like structure that serves to cover, protect, or close an opening or cavity. In the Shiva eye, the operculum is a hard, horn-like lid that the animal can close to protect its soft body when it withdraws into its shell. Operculum/Shiva Eye is often seen as a protective stone that wards off negative energies and protects the wearer from negative influences. It is associated with spiritual growth and awareness, which increases intuition and promotes spiritual insights. A shiva eye calms, provides comfort, promotes emotional stability and well-being. This Operculum is called Shiva Eye because Shiva is one of the most important gods in Hinduism and is considered the god of destruction and transformation, but also of creation and preservation. He is seen as the destroyer of evil and as our protector.

Location: Turban shell in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the waters around the Philippines and Thailand.

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Orange Seraphinite

Orange Seraphinite can help open the heart to love, compassion and emotional healing. It also helps release old emotional wounds, negative emotions and traumatic experiences. It can also be supportive in promoting forgiveness, both for others and for yourself. This stone is associated with joy and optimism, with a positive outlook on life and increasing your zest for life. He encourages self-expression and expressing your thoughts and feelings in a clear and loving way. It enhances creativity and artistic expression. Orange Serafinite promotes vitality and life force and can help reduce fatigue.

Chakra: 2nd, 4th

Location: Russia

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Orthoceras stands for transformation and growth, he reminds you of the
constant changes in life and promotes adaptability and
personal growth. He gives you deep knowledge and insights. He promotes
stability and grounding, which can lead to a sense of calm, balance and inner peace. Orthoceras is considered a protective stone that can ward off negative energies and provide a sense of security. He
is associated with improved communication, especially in expressing thoughts and emotions, and can help develop communication skills.

Chakra: 1st

Location: Atlas Mountains, Rissani, Morocco

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