Minerals B


Bariet helps you to stand in your strength and helps you take your life into your own hands. He teaches you to be independent and to stand up for yourself. It is a motivating and vitalizing stone and is therefore very good for fatigue and exhaustion. It can make a positive contribution to depression. He makes shy people less shy.

Chakra: balances all chakras, 3rd, 5th

Location: Morocco, USA

Amber (amber)

Amber represents carefreeness; for cheerfulness and confidence; strengthens belief in yourself. Amber brings stability to life but also helps you fulfill your wishes. Promotes creative self-expression. Helps you make decisions. Provides more vitality and helps remove discomfort from the body. Reduces stress.

Chacra: All chakras but especially the 3rd and 5th

Location: Great Britain, Poland, Italy, Romania, Russia......

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Rock crystal

Rock crystal stands for clarity, neutrality, strengthens one's own point of view, increases memory, improves perception, makes one aware and brings clarity to thinking. It gives energy, has an analgesic and cleansing effect. Rock crystal strengthens all other stones. Together with Amethyst and Rose Quartz, it creates a positive and loving atmosphere in the home.

Chakra: All

Location: Brazil, Arkansas, Madagascar, China...

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Beryl helps to balance your emotions and gives you more courage and self-confidence. Beryl, especially aquamarine, is seen as a stone that can enhance communication and self-expression. Beryl, like pink Morganite, is associated with love, compassion and emotional connection. Beryl is considered a stone that can promote spiritual growth and awareness. It is a protective stone that can ward off negative energies and create an aura of protection. Beryl stimulates creativity and inspiration and can boost mental clarity and focus. He can help you make informed decisions and reduce confusion.

Chakra: Aquamarine (blue Beryl) 5th, Morganite (pink Beryl) 4th

Location: Brazil, Colombia, Zambia, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Myanmar, USA, Russia

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Blue calcite

Blue calcite is a soft stone that provides recovery and relaxation, reduces pain, calms the nerves, lifts anxiety and releases negative emotions. He improves communication. It is a stone that provides relief when we have taken on too much and the pressure on our shoulders becomes too heavy.

Chakra: 5th

Location: Madagascar, Great Britain, Brazil, USA…

Blue quartz

Blue Quartz is a very soft stone that transforms mental disorder into clarity. It has a calming effect, gives hope and relieves anxiety. He stands for truth and solving old blockages. He teaches you to be mild, gentle and respectful to yourself, without judgement.

Chakra: 5th

Location: Africa, Brazil

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate stands for communication and expressing thoughts and feelings in a clear and loving way. He can help you overcome shyness or fear of public speaking. It has calming properties and gives you more inner peace and tranquility. It helps you let go of negative emotions. It promotes patience and tolerance and helps you develop a calm and patient attitude towards challenging situations. It strengthens inner harmony and is a good stone for meditation to promote spiritual growth and awareness. Blue Lace Agate stimulates creativity and provides more inspiration.

Chakra: 5th, 6th

Location: Namibia, United States, Botswana

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Tree agate

Tree agate promotes a sense of harmony and unity with nature. It is associated with growth, both personal growth and stability in life. It can help overcome obstacles and promote positive changes. Tree agate brings emotional balance and inner harmony and can reduce stress and anxiety. It strengthens patience and helps you accept the natural course of life. It is a protective stone that can ward off negative energies and create an aura of protection.
Tree agate stimulates creativity and inspiration.

Chakra: 1st, 4th

Location: India, Brazil, Uruguay, USA, Russia

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Boulder Opal

Boulder Opal promotes emotional well-being and helps you release old emotional baggage. It has calming properties that can reduce stress, anxiety and tension, thus creating more inner peace and tranquility. It is a stone that increases intuition. This Opal stimulates creativity and inspiration and helps you express thoughts and feelings in a clear and loving way. It is a protective stone that can ward off negative energies. Boulder opal connects you to the earth and thus promotes stability and balance.

Chakra: 1st

Location: Queensland, Australia

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Breccia Jasper

Breccia jasper keeps us firmly planted on the ground and provides emotional stability. He helps us get back up after a setback. He breathes new life. It removes excess energy from our heads and thus promotes mental clarity. It is good for the base chakra.

Chakra: 1st

Location: South Africa

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Bronzite gives you inner calm but also more decisiveness. It helps you recover after great exhaustion. It is a very protective and grounding stone that is useful for powerlessness in a conflict situation. Bronzite gives you more self-confidence and makes you more assertive.

Chakra: All chakras but especially the 1st

Location: Brazil

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