Minerals - H


Heliotrope has a protective, grounding and balance effect. It has a calming effect on irritation, aggression and impatience, activating and invigorating when one is exhausted and tired. Heliotrope gives courage, helps you set boundaries and keep negative influences out. It makes you flexible and increases your adaptability. Heliotrope stimulates intuition, creativity and dreams.

Chakra: 1-4

Location: India, Australia, Brazil, China and the Czech Republic

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Hematite is a strongly grounding and protective stone. It increases self-esteem, survival instincts and gives self-confidence. Hematite dissolves negativism and prevents negative energy from entering our aura. It promotes concentration and improves memory. It is best not to put hematite in water.

Chakra: 1st

Location: Brazil, Canada

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Hematite quartz

Hematite quartz is rock crystal with red (orange) inclusions of hematite. It is a grounding, strengthening stone. It promotes courage, enthusiasm and a positive attitude to life. He makes us more decisive.

Chakra: 1st

Location: Madagascar...

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Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond is a stone with a high vibration that strengthens the effect of other stones. It helps you connect with your intuition and has a strong cleansing effect on the aura. It has a detoxifying effect and protects you from all types of radiation. It purifies and protects your aura. Herkimer Diamond increases your vibration and gives you a blissful feeling. It removes stress and tension from your body, relieves insomnia, gives you new energy and promotes creativity.

Chakra: 6-7

Location: Herkimer County in New York State, USA

Honey Calcite

Honey Calcite gives you security; promotes a secure, optimistic attitude to life. It helps you to trust your feelings. Stimulates digestion, metabolism and excretion.

Chakra: 2nd and 3rd

Location: Brazil, Peru, USA....


Howlite is a calming stone that can help reduce stress, anxiety and tension. It promotes patience and tolerance, conveys a calm and patient attitude towards challenging situations. He can help with restoring emotional balance and releasing negative emotions to ensure more inner peace. It strengthens the ability to communicate clearly and honestly with others. He helps you explore
inner thoughts and feelings and promoting self-awareness. Howlite promotes a good night's sleep and improves the quality of dreams.

Chakra: 6th, 7th

Location: USA, South Africa, Germany and Turkey

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Hyper stone

Hyperstone or also called velvet labradorite is a stone that brings harmony, it brings the right amount of activity and tranquility. He helps you accept criticism and stand up for your own opinion. It has a protective and strengthening effect. Hypersteen doesn't like water very much.

Chakra: 1st

Location: Canada

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