Welcome to Veerle and Robert,

We are the driving forces behind our mineral shop. Our journey started in 2001 in Merchtem, near Brussels, where we founded a shop and private wellness center that was our home for several years.

In the early years of our company we cherished our passion for minerals, and the first steps were taken by offering some beautiful tea lights made of rock crystal, rose quartz and amethyst. These little treasures marked the beginning of a love for crystals and minerals that continues to this day.

After spending several years in Merchtem, we decided to broaden our horizons and moved to the bustling center of Hasselt. For five years we further specialized in aromatherapy products and began to steadily expand our range of minerals. This period was an important chapter in our growth and development. The store name Ochahlii was also born there.

Ochahlii represents the joining of 2 guardian angels. Och is the guardian angel of minerals and Hahlii is the guardian angel of color

Ultimately we found our current home on the beautiful Belgian coast, in the enchanting coastal village of De Haan aan Zee. Here we have been able to share our passion for minerals with thousands of customers, both locally and internationally, over the past ten years. Our store in De Haan has grown into a thriving center of inspiration, where lovers of minerals and crystals can indulge themselves.

At Veerle and Robert it is all about quality, expertise and sharing our love for these beautiful creations of nature. We would also like to welcome you to our store in De Haan, where you can enjoy a carefully curated selection of products and personal advice from our dedicated team, but we also continue our focus online. Together with you, we want to continue building this wonderful journey full of discoveries and well-being through this online shop.

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