Amethyst - Amethyst Quartz

Amethyst is derived from the Greek word amethystos, which means 'not poisoned/under the influence'. They believed that if one drank from an amethyst cup one could not become drunk. Amethyst, like rock crystal, can be recognized by the hexagonal shape of the crystals. Many amethysts grow in geodes, especially the well-known Brazilian and Urugyan pieces, but there are also plenty of other growth forms in clusters, rosettes, etc. The purple color is formed by infusions of iron.

  • Chemical formula : SiO2(Fe3+)
  • mineral group: quartz
  • hardness: 7
  • Location: Brazil, Madagascar, Uruguay, ...

Amethyst gives you clarity, justice, inner peace. It helps overcome sadness, grief and loss. Protective against negative energy in the environment. It is a stone of serenity in meditation. Has a calming effect and promotes concentration. Is good for insomnia if this is due to an overactive mind.

Together with rock crystal and rose quartz, it creates a positive and loving atmosphere in the home.

Chakra: 6th and 7th