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Amethyst ball bracelet 4mm "Inner peace"

Amethyst ball bracelet 4mm "Inner peace"

"Inner peace"

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Amethyst gives you clarity, justice, inner peace. It helps overcome sadness, grief and loss. Protective against negative energy in the environment. It is a stone of serenity in meditation. Has a calming effect and promotes concentration. Is good for insomnia if this is due to an overactive mind.

Together with rock crystal and rose quartz, it creates a positive and loving atmosphere in the home.

Chakra: 6th and 7th

Location: Brazil, Madagascar, Uruguay, ...

Disclaimer: Colors in the photo may differ from the product. The effect of gemstones has not been proven and everyone can therefore experience it differently and/or in their own way. We naturally recommend that you go to the doctor if you have health problems!

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