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Agate Flower ball bracelet 13-14mm "Comfort"

Agate Flower ball bracelet 13-14mm "Comfort"


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Flower Agate is a very loving stone that comforts you and helps you with anxiety. It calms you down and gives you strength, acceptance and self-confidence. It is a good stone for those who feel misunderstood. He teaches you to live in love and let go of what you no longer need. Flower agate softens you, opens your heart and helps you banish negative energy. It increases your consciousness and brings you into contact with your higher self. It helps you sleep better. It is also a grounding stone that cleanses your body of negativity. He gives you the courage to start over. He increases your consciousness.

Chakra: 4

Location: Madagascar

Disclaimer: Colors in the photo may differ from the product. The effect of gemstones has not been proven and everyone can therefore experience it differently and/or in their own way. We naturally recommend that you go to the doctor if you have health problems!

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