The mineral Anhydrite) is the dehydrated variant of gypsum. The name of Anhydrite is derived from “An” and “Hydra” which means “without water”.

  • Chemical formula : K[AlSi3O8]
  • mineral group: Sulfates
  • hardness: 3 – 3.5 moh
  • Location: Madagascar

Purple Anhydrite helps you “go with the flow” and helps you live in the now. It is a soft stone that supports transformations. He helps us connect with our higher self and let go of old patterns. He helps us be grateful. Purple Anhydrite purifies the emotional body, calms the mind and helps us heal spiritually and is therefore a good stone for purifying the auric field, it removes negative attachments. It is a good protective stone.

The calcite that is sometimes contained brings us emotional and mental balance, it soothes anxiety in times of change.

Chakra: 1-6-7

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